Luxury yacht charter.

Is this just a silly title or what? Or is it just vague? What does it mean, really?

The real question is what is hiding behind this concept.

When one is thinking about luxury yachts, you picture gigantic vessels belonging to all kinds of billionaires, vessels that can hardly be called ‘yachts’.

It is really hard to imagine a charter company renting 150 foot vessels for family vacation. So, one can think that luxury is something reserved only for very wealthy people, who aren’t that bothered by the price.

It’s not like that at all, luxury can be something affordable

And how does a catamaran or a sailboat look without all their gear?  Like this: 

Few interesting details about Luxury yacht charter

From ‘jacht’ to yacht

Its meaning today is far away from its historical meaning.

The word derives from Dutch language and word ‘jacht’, meaning ‘hunt’, as it was used to hunt pirates around shallow waters of Low Countries.

It was a fast and light vessel suitable for such activities. Its link with luxury begins in 17th Century. Charles II of England used it as a vessel to carry him to England for his restoration.

Maybe some of the Dutch navigators got the idea of luxury yacht charter when he was carrying the king to England.

As you can imagine, it was a small vessel, but fast and elegant and it was luxurious enough for a ruler.

Maybe the meaning is far away, but the purpose soon became closer to today yachts.

Meaning of the yacht today

And we now come to luxury yacht charter in 21st Century.

What is it?

Yacht is defined as recreational boat or a ship. So it can really be a sailboat or a motorboat.

If it is a sailboat then we just call it ‘sailing yacht’, if it is a motorboat, well… you get a gist.

Charter companies that advertise as luxury yacht charter are usually renting just ordinary sailboats, motorboats, catamarans and gullets, luxurious enough for a king and queen, but affordable for lot of us.

So, when you see a sign that says that you can rent a yacht and that it is luxurious, you don’t need to worry about the budget.

You’ll definitely find something for you, a great yacht that will make you feel like a king or a queen.


During the history jacht first purpose was to serve to hunt pirates, later it used to carry king Charles II of England for his restoration.

Today jacht become yacht and it is boat or ship in which you can spend great and affordable vacation and enjoy luxury while you are sailing around beautiful places.

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We wish you fair winds