When you think about best places for sailing, you think about the beauty of nature. You think about places where sea can test your sailing abilities. Or maybe some great spot, some beautiful cove, hidden from all civilization, where you can drop your anchor.

Lot of sailors think about devotion. Marina where you can get and all people who work there are devoted to sailing. They know what your boat needs, even if sometimes you don’t. They know best how many supplies to bring on your journey, what you can expect if you enter some daring straits in bad weather.

Now, if you go sailing on Dalmatian coast and want to find a beautiful place with great marina, there is entire island you can visit. Beautiful island. With only 4 villages. And with marinas in three villages. The one in fourth is under construction. Whole island devoted to sailing.

That is Murter.

Dalmatian coast- Murter

Where is Murter?

Where you can find this magical place? Geography suggest that it is very small island, with surface of only 18.7 km2   and highest elevation of 125m.  

It is located in the Šibenik archipelago of the Dalmatian coast and what it is more important, very close to the Kornati Islands. There are 4 villages on this beautiful island – Murter, Betina, Jezera and Tisno.

Interesting thing about Tisno is that is located one half on the Island of Murter and one half on the mainland.

All 4 villages have marinas, which is unique thing among Croatian islands. If you want to explore the island itself and go for sailing around it, I recommend southwestern coast, because there are several pretty wild and hidden beaches and coves where you can enjoy your morning or afternoon.

Or spend the night. Also, there are several sandy beaches, but you’ll maybe find those too crowded.

Few places to explore

What you can do is to use Murter as good starting point for exploring whole archipelago of Šibenik.

After you sail out from one of the marinas, you can sail south or north, or west. Discover the beauties of small island of Vrgada or go on a big adventure on Kornati Islands.

Šibenik archipelago is rich with small, beautiful islands with charming places, like Krapanj. This minute island is known for its processing and use of sea sponge.

If you’re interested more in the use of red corals and all the traditions that are linked to it, you can visit Island of Zlarin. Or you can just stay on this beautiful island, jewel of Dalmatian coast.

Only 2 km from the village Murter is a magical sandy beach called Podvrške. The one who visited it, comapre it to the Caribbean. The water is shallow and cristal clear and the only indication on the location are olive and pine trees in the background. You can also park there.

From the beach Podvrške you can take a walk to a small peninsula Školjić with views on a beautiful clean also sandy beach – Slanice

There are many attractions there, so when you’re done with sailing for a day, you can enter one of many restaurants and enjoy quiet evening with a glass of wine.


Murter is one of the islands offering numerous opportunities for sailors especially I would point out beauty of Šibenik archipelago and 4 interesting villages on this island: Murter, Betina, Jezera and Tisno, and all this vilages have their own marinas.

If there’s anything you need there are people who work in the marinas. Those hardworking and devoted sea wolfs will know to fix any problem that might occur. If you experience difficulties on your voyage, do not hesitate to enter one of the ports of Murter and with a cup of coffee in your hand wait for a problem to be resolved.  

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Remember: respect marine life and Keep the Seas Clean!

We wish you fair winds