Imagine how cool it would be to gather your crew and take them for a boat rental holidays.

If you have no idea how to manage a boat and need a skipper, or you are a sailor that owns a sailing licence but have never rented a charter boat before, we have prepared some tips here to help you plan your sailing holidays.

Important things to consider for your first beginner’s sailing experience:

  • dates
  • sailing destination
  • number of people on board

When is the time to set sails?

The weather depends on the destination. Sailing season in Croatia starts at April and lasts til October.

The high season lasts from 2nd part of June till end of October and prices are highest in that period. The weather is stable and sunny in that period and days are longest.

April, May and October are bit colder, less crowded and windier while September is not hot as July and August but the sea water temperature is still very pleasant and charter prices start to go down.

Sailing season in Caribbean is actually during the whole year but popular sailing period starts in November and ends in April. Most popular part of the year for sailing Caribbean (and most crowded period) is Christmas and New Years weeks. Charter boats are then sold out and booked mostly year in advance.

Where can you sail?

What is the best sailing destination for a beginner’s sailing experience? Sebastus offers boat rental in 77 different countries around the world.

For sure one of them will suit your needs. Send us a request with your questions and needs or visit our boat search and choose the boat and destination you like.

If you are looking for a bareboat, first check if your sailing licence is accepted in your chosen sailing destination. Our suggestion is not to book a boat before you get a written OK from your agent that your sailing licence is accepted.

When thinking about destinations it is also good to consider the weather conditions that are typical for some areas. Some areas are windier than others and it would be good to choose depending on your crew wishes.

Some people are afraid of heavy winds, keep that in mind. If you have doubts, we can suggest and answer your questions about the conditions.

Who is invited?

Every boat is registered for certain number of people that are allowed to stay onboard. Max is around 12 people for cats and monohulls. There are some exceptions where more people are allowed (14) but number of those boats is very small.

This should be taken very seriously because boat owners are very strict with this and you will not be able to have more people on board than it is allowed. All passengers should be listed on a crew list for every charter and if there are more people onboard than on a crew list you and boat owner can get financial penalties from Port Authorities.

Note that every professional crew member (skipper, hostes, cook…) is also counted in that number in case you are looking for crewed charter. Besides that, crew should be provided with their own cabin.

Now that you have figured out when, where and how many of you are going, you can start looking for a boat that will suit you most.

Will it be a catamaran or monohull?

If you are a sailing enthusiasts and have sporty crew looking for real action and excitement then for sure monohull is a type of boat you are looking for. In general, monohulls are less expensive than catamarans but sure the price also depends on year of built, size, equipment.

On the other hand for a beginner’s sailing trip, families with kids or just people that like to lay down on the deck and soak sun, we recommend a catamaran.

Cats are more stable and comfortable while monohulls are better sailers. Sebastus offers more than 12.000 boats all over the world. Take a look at our boat search.

What about the price?

Some boats today are equipped with A/C, generators, ice makers, dishwashers, water desalinators and other equipment that makes them a real floating villas.

The more equipment – higher price. Younger boats – higher price. Bigger boats – higher price.
In case you need a crew, operators will provide you with the best choice according to your wishes. Besides skipper you can also require a hostess or/and a cook.

How to get the boat?

Now that you have booked your dream boat it is time to book your flights and check for document requirements. As mentioned before, if you have decided for a bareboat check your sailing licence (recomendable before booking).

Note that in some countries you will also need a VHF licence to be able to charter. Check also if you need a visa and what are medical requirements for selected destination.

It is good to consider a travel health insurance, skippers insurance, deposit insurance, travel cancellation insurance.Feel free to check this sailing insurance options.

If all is set, you can start planning your sailing route 🙂
Contact us for sailing routes suggestions, tailored made for you and your crew.

Remember: respect marine life and keep the seas clean!